The Rainbow Tree Sacred Mathematics and Liberal Arts Festival


29th Sep 2021 - 2nd Oct 2021


Nicola Graves-Gregory, Daniel Docherty, Gregers Brinch, Sylvia Francke, Alexander Murrell


John Thomson, Jeremy Naydler , Sylvia Francke, Nicola Graves-Gregory, Daniel Docherty, Gregers Brinch, Alexander Murrell, Izumi Maeda, Sigune Brinch


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Cost of the festival

Standard contribution, £110 for the full 3 days, £60 for half attendance, £20 per morning or afternoon attendance (payable at the door).


See Tickets to pay directly online through Stripes.

For other means of payment and for any more information, please, email or contact Sylvia Francke on 07831 633542.

Also, if you are booking for part of the festival, please email us at to tell us which part. NOTE: We want to be able to subsidise people on low incomes. If you can afford more than the standard donation, that would be very helpful. If you need to pay less, please email us at


Programme subject to change -

One change is the speaker on Grammar. Unfortunately Leon Conrad will be unable to attend because of family circumstances. Fortunately John Thomson, author of "‘The Experience of Thinking from Plato to Buber." is able to take his place.

Mary-Anne Paterson has also unfortunately needed to bow out. Again fortunately, Izumi Maeda, art teacher and therapist, is able to join us and will offer the wonderful opportunity to paint (in the 3 consecutive sessions), the day rainbow, the night rainbow and the zodiac rainbow. (Max. 7 people)

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
- 9 am Singing and Plenary 9 am Singing and Plenary 9.30 am Singing
- 9.30 Lecture Logic Jeremy Naydler 9.30 Lecture Geometry Daniel Docherty 10.00 Plenary
- 10.30 Coffee 10.30 Coffee 10.30 Coffee
- 11.00 Eurythmy with Sigune Brinch 11.00 Eurythmy with Sigune Brinch 11.00 Eurythmy with Sigune Brinch
- 11.30 Lecture Rhetoric Sylvia Francke 11.30 Lecture Music Gregers Brinch 11.30 Plenary 12.45 Close
2.00 Welcome, Introduction, Nicola+ Getting to know each other… 12.30 Lunch and free time 12.30 Lunch and free time -
2.45 Lecture: Trivium overview and Grammar J. Thompson 2.15 Activity choices (4 rooms) 2.15 Activity choices (4 rooms) -
3.45 tea 3.45 Tea 3.45 Tea -
4.00 – 5.30 Activity choices (4 rooms) 4.15 - 5.30 Lecture: Quadrivium overview and Number Nicola Graves-Gregory 4.15 - 5.30 Lecture Astronomy Alexander Murrell -

When you book, we will email you more details about the different activity options. You can email your choice in advance. Room size limits the number of people who can take part in some activities. Full participants take precedence.


i) The organisers are not in a position to offer accommodation. There is limited accommodation at the Peredur Centre itself.
Please contact, tel.: 01342-312527.

ii) There is a wide range of accommodation in and around East Grinstead, from hotels to B'nB's, self- catering and campsites.


Serve yourself teas and coffees will be available, with biscuits, in the common room, at the breaktimes. For lunch, there is a pub, the "Dunnings Mill Pub" about 100 yards down the hill from the Peredur centre. There are also numerous cafes and restaurants in East Grinstead, a short drive away. Alternatively you could bring your own food and eat in the common room.