Izumi Maeda

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She is mainly a sculptor, can be said a Platonic solid geek, sometimes printer, and occasional painter, loves daily form drawing as meditation.

She believes sculpture is ‘the frozen moment of movement’. She also believes, through the practice of sculpture, we are able to tune in to the very initial movement which created the universe from nothing.We can connect with it and manifest it as a form in tactile materials whether it be figurative or abstract.

For her, the all art works mirror ourselves as self-portraits, and the making process is our journey which we can walk together to re-connect with our true self.

Her primary aims are, through art, to inspire self-confidence and to fill the emptiness in our soul in this fast-pace and disposable world.

She has taught art classes (painting, clay modelling, form drawing) at Peredur Eurythmy for over seven years.

She is also an experienced art counsellor for both children and adults.